A brief anecdote told on a day celebrating Prince’s life. Remembering the good times, this is just a fun little memory of a laugh we shared.

In the spring of 2007, Prince and I were working on finishing up the artwork for the Planet Earth album. I was out in Los Angeles with him, and he didn’t have a house there at the time so we met at his Suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel. There were some discussions of including an interactive lyric book with the Planet Earth CD, and we were going over some ideas on how that would look.

Prince and I were sitting there in the Suite, in the mid-afternoon, and we both could hear some muffled noise coming from somewhere in the background. We looked at each other like, “Do you hear what I’m hearing?” It became clear to us that somebody, or somebodies, were… shall we say… “making love” on the other side of the wall we were sitting close to. We both got up and put our ears to the wall to make sure we heard what we heard. And yup, it definitely was.

Now this could have been a very awkward moment, but Prince had a sometimes wicked sense of humor. And with a smirk on his face, he banged five times on the wall with his fist and then ran from the wall like a little kid ringing doorbells and running away.

We both laughed. I couldn’t believe he just did that! And though Prince wasn’t serious, the noise did in fact stop. I felt a little bad we interrupted… whatever was going on, but hey, it was funny nonetheless. And to this day, whoever that was in the next room has no idea that it was the one-and-only Prince who banged on their wall on that sunny Beverly Hills afternoon.