Brief Bio:

Sam Jennings is a multi-talented designer living in Los Angeles. He has designed websites and major label album releases from Prince and Avril Lavigne. In addition to tour books, merchandise, singles, tour support, websites, and photo retouching for Prince, Avril Lavigne, Gorillaz, David Bowie, Pearl Jam, Swedish House Mafia, EBONY Magazine, Microsoft, and more. Sam is also a DJ on Twitch, and currently works in the Entertainment Industry at MediaMonks.

Brief Work History:

  • Went to college at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago
  • Worked for the musician Prince for nine years as his Webmaster and then Art Director (Read my article in the Washington Post about it). Won a Webby Award!
  • Worked for Pearl Jam and has designed projects for David Bowie, Steve Miller Band, Gorillaz, Swedish House Mafia and more
  • Spent five years at Microsoft as a UX Designer
  • Created microsites as well as countless presentations and event collateral for EBONY Magazine
  • Art Directed the Up All Nite with Prince Box Set released by Sony and the Prince Estate in 2020
  • As a Production Artist for The Designory, I did creative work for Amazon Music
  • Creative Consultant for the amazingly talented Avril Lavigne
  • Creating exciting assets for entertainment clients at Media Monks

Fun Facts About Me:

  • Was born in San Francisco, grew up in Chicago, and am currently living in Los Angeles.
  • Movie trivia EXPERT
  • Has an amazing daughter
  • Loved going to TV show tapings and movie screenings before the pandemy
  • An oil and digital painter who loves to paint faces with bright colors
  • Had blue, magenta, and blond dyed hair
  • Enjoyed long road trips and has driven all over the country
  • Been to Europe but has not been to Asia or Africa yet
  • Could live on coffee, pizza and red wine.
  • Used to spend too much time at Disneyland
  • Currently spends too much time on
  • If I had to choose between Dark Side or Light Side, I’d choose the Dark Side because they have cooler outfits.

10 Songs I'm Listening To: