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I’ve got multi-platform design experience, including web, digital, social media and print platforms, in the music, entertainment and software industries.


Done it all including posters, billboards, album covers, tour books, print publications, magazines, and building wraps.


Expression has no limits. I paint because I get excited about what I create. It inspires me to think bigger and put my mind’s eye in the driver’s seat.


End-to end experience delivering UX concepts, prototyping, navigational flows, site maps, user stories, wireframes and creative front-end design.


Mobile-first projects using responsive design for multi-platforms


  • I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sam for two years at EBONY Media. I was always impressed with Sam’s design skills – print and digital. However, what truly stood out was his innate ability to take on any design task assigned to him and complete it with excellent results always on schedule. He is an accomplished designer and has the capability to juggle multiple projects with success. Sam would be an asset to any organization.

    Anu Pillai

    VP of Development, EBONY

  • Sam is a capable and visionary creative. He get’s it and has an eye for detail. Sam has always delivered for me and other clients, keep Sam on your top 5 list for designers.

    Peter Crosby


  • Sam is a creative and technical genius who mastered the art of taking a music icon’s wide ranging vision and translating it to the web. He fully comprehends both aspects of the creative and technical sides of the business and he built Prince’s digital brand, garnering numerous awards and accolades in the process. Great under pressure and solid at providing the balance and acumen needed to build a complete, strategic digital strategy for an A level artist or brand.

    John Petrocelli

    CEO at Bulldog DM

  • Sam is the most versatile designer I have ever worked with, and his ability to beautifully realize his client’s vision under extreme pressure is unmatched in the industry. He truly can transform his talents from medium to medium, laying out an elegant menu for a high-end restaurant one minute, while visualizing a gritty evocative concert t-shirt the next. Truly a wonderful designer and a great person to work with.

    Ash Warren

    Partner at Mechanic LLC

Sam Jennings


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