Client: Pearl Jam
Project: Deep #5
Deliverable: Printed Magazine
Year: 2009

Pearl Jam releases two fan magazines every year that are distributed to all of the members of their Ten Club. I did all the layout and design for the fifth issue which was focused on the 2009 re-release of Pearl Jam’s Ten CD. There was a special edition box set released that contained a ton of archived material from the Ten era and I wanted this issue of the fan magazne to work as a companion to the box set. I knew that almost all of the fan club members would have the box set once it came out and they needed to work together. I took a lot of the archived material that was left over from the box set and used it. I also took and old crew tour itinerary and tried to replicate it among several of the pages. It was fun to sort through everything and try and build an interesting issue of the magazine for the fans.