Client: Prince
Project: One Nite Alone Collection
Deliverable: Box Set + 3 LPs
Year: 2020

Prince released his first live recordings with the 2002 One Nite Alone Live Box Set. It was recorded throughout the One Nite Alone Tour, and I created the original box set package which featured 2 CDs from the main show, an aftershow CD, a poster, plus a tall booklet featuring photos from the tour and fan reviews taken from the NPG Music Club.

In 2020, Sony Legacy is reissuing this historic album, and I was asked to design a brand new package for a 5 Disc set plus 3 LP releases, the first time these recordings will be available on vinyl. 

Working closely with Sony and the Prince Estate, I used my original designs from the 2002 set to create something fresh and current but still maintaining the intentions Prince and I had for the release in 2002. Taking all the content from the box set and converting it to a vinyl album release also had many fun and creative challenges that makes this new release something truly original.