Client: Avril Lavigne
Project: Love Sux 
Deliverable: Album Package
Year: 2022

Avril Lavigne released her seventh album, titled Love Sux, on February 25, 2002. I designed the album package, compiling the photos by Joe Termini, art direction by Alex Kirzhner, and all the lyrics and album credits in to a cohesive, smooth looking album package.

For her seventh album, Avril returned to a more fun, pop-punk vibe with some heartfelt lyrics. We went for a very clean, mature look for the album. Very different than her previous album packages. Bright reds and oranges, mixed with black to give it some punch. It’s a solid album that deserved a solid look.

I got to design a cassette version of the album! As well as a vinyl package coming later this year. Great project.