Client: Prince
Project: NPG Music Club ’03
Deliverable: Website
Year: 2003

These screens are from the 2003 version of the NPG Music Club, and the whole experience was built around idea of the club as a big mansion that you had to maneuver around to find what you were looking for. Every section was a room in this house with a central foyer acting as a hub. The rooms were not specifically 3D models but instead were altered photos made more ‘Prince-like.’ It was a different approach and made some of the usability challenging, but this was Prince’s vision of how he wanted the club. We kept this basic idea all the way through to the end in 2006 but as the years went by I steered it in the direction of using more standard information consoles resembling a electronic studio equipment. I created all of the layout and design of the club, maintained it on a daily basis, moderated forums with other Prince staff, met with vendors, coordinated with record labels, worked with PR people and with concert promoters. Some of the initial screens were done by Jeremy Gavin at the start of the project.

See a working version of this site at: